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ddt ?

Despite the known health risks to humans of DDT, which include: developmental brain defects, foetal defects, and reproductive defects,

the US will spend a large portion of its Malaria Initiative funds on the indoor residual spraying of DDT, a pesticide once widely believed to have disastrous effects on the environment.” (

Give Us DDT?

Leading the charge in DDT procurement, Uganda’s Minister of Health published an article titled “Give us DDT,” in the Wall Street Journal. The Minister opted for the cheaper chemical DDT, disregarding alternatives to DDT like ICON, which has been used in the country with great success. Meanwhile, the Rwandan government opted to use a bio-degradable pesticide, instead of DDT.

Despite the Minister’s readiness, doctors and health professionals in Uganda have stronlgy opposed the use of DDT – also drawing attention to Uganda’s lack of readiness to maintain the WHO’s stringent safety guidelines – pointing to a lack of infrastructure, transparency, and poor management and monitoring capability.

Ecological and Environmental Genocide

Uganda’s environmental regulating body, NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) is said to be under the President’s control, breeding many conflicts of interest. Critics call the actions of NEMA “ecological and environmental genocide” which doesn’t serve Uganda citizens.

Who’s Promoting DDT?

“Who eats my bread dances to my tune.” – Old German Proverb*

  • The WHO (World Health Organization)

The spokesperson for the WHO in Uganda, Mr. O. Walker, stated that despite the “noise” expected from the activists, “in all fairness, the damaging effects of DDT have been observed in agricultural use where extremely large areas were sprayed; that will not be the case here.”

  • A slew of private and corporate interests:

Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM), Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Campaign for Fighting Diseases (CFD), Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Senator Tom Coburn, Bonner Cohen, Roy Innis, Fiona Kobusingye-Boynes, Paul Driessen, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), Steven Milloy, Henry Miller, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (CDFE).

**Quote sourced from


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