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> Approaches to Effective Malaria Control that Avoid DDT in Kenya:

Even though it is estimated that the introduction of chemicals such as the DDT in the early years of 1930s in the control of mosquitoes saved over 25 million lives, it equally did more harm to both the biotic and abiotic environments in which it came into contact with.

. . . there are more strategies that can be applied to control malaria. These strategies are as effective as DDT. Apart from the widely used methods such as insecticide-treated nets (ITN), house spraying, space spraying, integrated vector management (IVM), and biological control, larviciding using Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTi) has been seen to be equally effective as DDT and without the negative impacts on the environment, human and animal health.

3.10 Other simple approaches

An interview with Dr. Gathure apart from the use of BTi, residents could still use a more effective way to control mosquito populations for example to reduce the amount of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. He recommended that the following steps could also be taken by the communities to reduce mosquito habitat:

  • Empty containers that hold standing water old tires, buckets, plastic covers, pots and earthenware and toys;
  • Change water in birdbaths, fountains, wading pools and animal troughs at least twice a week;
  • Recycle unused containers that may collect water bottles, cans etc.;
  • Make sure roof gutters drain properly and clean gutters in the rainy season;
  • Fix leaking outdoor faucets and sprinklers.


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